Sunday, April 15, 2012

New tailor

I made a yellow gandoura a few months ago. I liked the work so much that I wanted to reproduce it in another color. Since my tailor in Rabat ruined so many of my fabrics, I decided to search for a new one in Marrakech. He seemed serious when we first met. Told me to bring one piece to try out his work. He said I wouldn't be disappointed (how many times have I heard this before?).

I explained to him for an hour what I wanted it to look like, the colors that he needed to work with and the type of embroidery I wanted. I even brought the yellow one I made in Rabat with me to show him the details of the work. He told me that it would be ready in 3 weeks max. A month later, I called him and he apologized for completely forgetting about my piece and that it would be ready in 2 days. I called him 2 days later to avoid the unnecessary drive only to tell me that he lost the gandoura but he just found it and that it should be ready the next day. The next day of course it wasn't ready. So I asked him to give me my fabric back but it was too late because he already started working on it but of course completely neglected my instructions!!! 2 months later, it was finally ready.... 

When I picked it up, he told me to bring him at least 20 other fabrics, to hire him full time, give him a salary and a car so he sells my pieces for me! True story! I promise....

This is the result:

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